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Nob: [The loot might be lost]
Nob: [But we are well]
Nob: [The humans are coming for us]
Nob: [So we must...]
Nob: [Tok!]

“Crude Headgear” The side chatter has ended apparently. It is now time to get back to the speech. Or is it? It would seem that the conditions are not that ideal right now. I am sure that we all have had a similar experience. Picture it. You are with one or more friends and something important comes to mind. You immediately want to let them know about it and begin to lay it out for them in great detail. There is just one problem: you are drowned out by something else. Perhaps you are at a concert. Maybe you are at a construction site. Or on a roller-coaster. No matter the source, you just cannot compete with the existing din.

So once more, Nob must bring the speech to a halt. There is no way for the gobo leader to address the rest with all of that hammering. But Tok’s hammer falls are not for something trivial. It is for a peace offering. Just as Pat had replaced Nob’s shredded cape with a picnic blanket, Tok has devised a way to turn a bomb into a crown. Yet another thoughtful gift. Nob looks just as pleased as before. With all the earlier confusion, Nob is likely to wear this crude headgear to satisfy the less observant of the gobo subjects. It does not mean that the little noble is going to like it. I am sure that, at the soonest opportunity, Nob will swap out these items for some newer, shinier swag.

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