↓ Transcript
Nob: [Gobos]
Nob: [We are going to...]
Bam: [Where's Nob's crown?]

“Missing Headdress” Everyone had said earlier that they were okay. That does not mean that they were fully recovered. Three of the gobos were knocked out by the blast. You can tell by their swirly eyes. It is quite possible that someone else checked on their status when asked. In fact, the three are now active. With everyone conscious, it is the perfect time to address the troops. The longer the gobos wait, the more likely the bandits will locate them. And they won’t be happy if they also learned what happened to their leader.

The best way to get things moving with a speech is to begin it… and then immediately stop. It isn’t easy to make a presentation when all of the attention is taken away from you. And what is the cause of this distraction? Nob’s missing headdress. We could forgive these three if they were out this entire time but they weren’t. Although they weren’t in the cell, they were quite conscious when Nob and the others were freed. Perhaps they missed when the crown rolled away from the gobo leader. Or perhaps they were too caught up in all of the excitement to notice. Either way, the speech has been derailed.

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