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Zip: [Nob wants you and me to get food]
Zip: [Nob also wants you to practice]
Fip: [We'll get food]
Fip: {But I don't need practice]

“Highly Confident” Confidence is a valued commodity. You have to have at least some confidence to get by in the world. Without confidence, you would be constantly doubting your own capabilities and may even decide to not to attempt something because there is a risk of failure. Confidence is a very important thing to have. But you can have too much of a good thing. While lack of confidence will keep you in a small box, overconfidence can get you in trouble. You could bite off more than you can chew, promise something that you cannot deliver, or get yourself – and possibly others – into situations that could be quite dire.

We have seen how Fip and Zip are opposite sides of the coin, especially when it comes to skill set. Fip is the virtuoso and Zip is not. Zip is an accurate shot and Fip is not. However, these two are not opposites when it comes to confidence. Zip is highly confident. Fip is overconfident. Zip might be tone deaf but I am sure that the scarlet sharpshooter would be open to criticism. Fip on the other hand… At least the emerald archer is nonchalant when it comes to dismissing some target practice. How soon does Fip forget that poor accuracy is what brought the gobos and the raiders together in the first place.

Be careful out there.

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