“Sucker Punch” Maybe pushing Zip’s face in was all part of Nob’s plan. Get the hooded gobo to give chase, trip, and you have a footstool. And in case your curious, the tentacles do have suckers – as well as cilia – to aid in grasping. They’re just really small and cover the entire surface, rather than the row of big suckers you find on squid and octopus limbs.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A side view of the center of the room shows Zip tripping after Nob, having abruptly stopped, has stuck out a foot and pushed the hooded gobo forward. They are close to the black stone upon the pedestal. Nob shouts an order back towards the door as a bat-thing swoops in to attack.
Nob: "<Fip! Arrows!>"

Panel 2
Puccini rushed onto the scene as a couple of Fip's arrows fly by, one on a direct course to strike the surprised bat-thing. Zip is on hands and knees, not looking happy as Nob takes a step up on the crossbow wielding gobo. A number of tentacles draw near.

Panel 3
With the bat-thing dispatched and hurtling towards the ground, Puccini utters a couple of magic words and fires off some arcane bolts towards the encroaching tentacles and Nob, now standing on Zip's head reaches for the black stone, fingers just touching its surface.

Panel 4
The tentacles strike! One wraps around Puccini's outstretched wrist, pulling the wizard upwards. Another gives Nob an uppercut, sending the gobo leader flying while another slams down on the prone Zip.