“Speak Freely” Hob had a special task during this adventure, and that was to keep an eye on Puccini as well as Nak and Nik. While Nob whispered the instructions before they left, it was never stated to keep it a secret. Instead of all the verbal maneuvers, Hob opens the floor to the concept of speaking plainly…  much to the benefit of the privy eavesdropper.

Speaking of the eavesdropper, the last comic wasn’t their first appearance. That would be here. Do you see them? There are some brief glimpses here and there, but this would be the most “impactful” appearance! They’ve been quite good at avoiding detection, although there has been one close call. I’m sure we will see more of this character in the future.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the alley in front of the barrels near the White Bear's wall, Hob - mystically disguised as a gnome - casually converses with Nak (off-screen), using both index fingers to punctuate a point.
Hob, whispering: "<Nik acts before thinking. You? It's the other way around.>"

Panel 2
Hob's hands relax and the right gestures towards Nak.
Hob, whispering: "<Nik is naturally stealthy, while your movements are with purpose. Exact.>"

Panel 3
The view switches to Nak - similarly disguised and listening to Hob (off-screen) - near the privy, the wall of the neighboring building just visible. Nak's arms are akimbo, hands on the hips...
Hob, whispering off-screen: "<Let's drop the masks and speak freely.>"

Panel 4
...but are soon brought up as the arms cross, head tilted slightly to the right as Nak takes measure of Hob (off-screen).
Nak, whispering off-screen: "<Nob and I? We know that you and Nik are up to something.>"