↓ Transcript
The Captain (off-stage): You goblins should have stayed in your holes. But here you are. In my world.
Nob: [(We submit to) you as leader]
The Captain: Me? King? What a noble gesture.
The Captain: But I prefer another way to keep you things in line.

“Noble Gesture” Now that somebody is talking, they just won’t shut up! And, just as this guy doesn’t speak Goblin, Nob has no idea what is being said by him. At least back in the cave with Krak, there was verbal understanding. The troll even spoke with them from time to time. Well, the one time we saw it was more of an interjection, if you really think about it. This situation is different. The little goblin leader relies more on visual display to get the message across to their assailants. And, in a way, it works. As stated by the man in charge, it is quite a noble gesture.

This new leader has accepted the crown and all should hopefully be well. At least that is what is going through Nob’s mind. Being subjugated is not a new concept to the gobos. They have dealt with a taskmaster boss before. If they can endure the old one, it can’t be much worse with this new boss? Unfortunately, this does not appear like its going to be so cut and dry. I doubt that the gobos are going to be allowed any bit of free reign. Not at all.

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