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The Captain: There was a... "bridge" spanning Snake Gorge.
The Captain: Lead some of the men across. Take anything of value th - AGHH!!
The Captain (off-stage): You'll pay for that...
Narrative Box: Earlier...

“Monstrous and Abominable Eyes” The number of raiders has almost doubled now. Do you think they would have had a chance if all twelve gobos were present? Perhaps, but I would imagine that it would have to be on their terms. These guys look too tough to take in a straight up brawl. Nob has realized way too late that this encounter required action, not words. Unfortunately, the gobos were just so unprepared and taken by surprise. They really didn’t have much of a chance against these raiders. At the very least, don’t go down with out a fight. Right? Well, one swing of a scepter isn’t much of a fight. It only takes a bonk to the head to end it. And then, darkness.

And then after the darkness, comes light! That right, we have a little cliffhanger as we switch scenes. It seems that more than the top four have survived the bridge incident. This quartet apparently lived through their collision with the cliff face. Luck must have been on their side as they have swung through that opening relatively unharmed. The others may have been knocked out when they came to an abrupt stop, but not Tik. I am guessing the plan is to relight the extinguished candle, awaken the others and then, together they can see any obstacles between them and the exit. And it appears that their biggest obstacle is the abundance of spiders living within this cave. Snake Gorge? More like Spider Gorge!

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