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Tik: [Lit bombs!]
Nob: [(Here,) to the exit!]
Raider: The bombs are lit!!!
Raider: Get out of there!!!

“Expeditious Retreat” I’ll say this much, these gobos have it to a science when it comes to fleeing in a panic. Around this time last year, the Chimera attacked them. It would have been easy for the beast to pick off the slowest or weakest of the bunch. That is, if they had scattered. Instead, they formed up and charged out as a group across an unfinished bridge. I’m not saying they’re smart in such situations. I’m saying that they clump together, no matter the situation. There is strength in numbers and they try to use it as much as possible. As for the raiders? It looks like their numbers just got halved. Two of them had charged in, either fueled by anger or following through on their special maneuver. The other two? Well, one of them was shot in the knee.

If you play Dungeons & Dragons, you might be familiar with the title of this comic. For those of you who don’t, Expeditious Retreat is a spell that allows you to flee very, very fast. It is also a very cool turn of phrase. In all of my gaming, I don’t think I have ever seen it cast. I must team up with a lot of “raider” players.

This is a reminder that the end of the year is coming fast. As with the previous year, we will have the standard tenth comic of the chapter. A bonus comic will come out the Friday after that. December 27th will once more be my one day off to relax and try to restock my buffer. I got big plans for next year. I just hope I can implement them!

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