“Safe Distance?” It looks like all of the gobos have made it out of the tower safely. Those raiders are larger in stature – especially the big guy – and they have to squeeze past a door that can only open so far. Maybe next time they will stack their boxes further away from the door. The large raider is bailing out, risking injury from a fall in order to be a safe distance from the impending explosion. Speaking of safety, it is not uncommon to lose your footing in a rushing mob. Sure, Nob is telling the others to go on but it is clear to Tik and Nak that the raiders’ leader has some long strides. And ranged attacks don’t seem that effective on him when he is in the zone. This does not bode well.

I love it in the movies when the protagonists are all running towards the camera and the big bad is in pursuit, closing fast! It doesn’t have to be a violent approach, but the promise of doom is exhilarating! As well as the promise of a year-ending bonus comic! And just like last year, it will explode the normal panel restrictions. See you then!

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