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Tik: [Where are the plans?]
Nik: [What?]

“Lost Plans” Don’t you hate it when you set something down and can’t remember where you placed it? I used to be able to find the odd item placed weeks, perhaps months earlier in some obscure location. Nowadays, not so much. I would like to say that my brain is just too full of wisdom and lore to keep tabs on such trivial things. But it is probably because I am getting older… and I’m full of something else entirely. No matter the excuse, I find it increasingly hard to locate something I’ve set down just moments ago.

What is even worse is when you do remember exactly where you placed something only to learn that someone else has ran off with it. The absolute worst would be if they did something unspeakable with it. Today’s comic gives us a worst case scenario. I am sure Tik spent quite a few hours looking for those lost plans. To find out that Nik both mucked it up with paint and is using it as a target, I think rage is the expected response. And no, I don’t believe Nik is being facetious about their whereabouts. I think little attention was put towards the paper that would become a target and the smirk is just for hitting a bull’s eye. Your mileage may vary.

Be careful out there.

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