“Near Miss” We now return to our regularly scheduled hunt. By now, most of you are quite familiar with Fip’s patented full-quiver, fire-and-forget barrage. If not, here are references. When you throw everything at a target, something is bound to stick. It is quantity to make up for the lack of quality. Fip would have powerful arms if this wasn’t a comedic effect. Don’t believe me or the accuracy of archers in the movies? Just listen to an expert. Now this has been successful in the past. It just hasn’t been as successful as someone who takes their time and lines up the shot. Fip hasn’t seen an issue with this approach, until now. There was one near miss that was a near hit!

Now, I am not a hunter, although I do know a few and have been on hunting trips. I can say that safety is always a concern. If there are more than one of them going out, they know where each of them will be. There is never a situation when one hunter would be in the firing range of another. That is a good way to get someone hurt. Or worse.

Be careful out there.

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