“Maneuvered Daringly” We are closing in on the cliffhanger for 2022! Well, the 2022 run of Gobo Gazette scheduled comics anyways. Hoping to get a bit ahead of the game and get back on schedule, but still taking it easy until I am 100%.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
With a wide view of the autumnal forest and mountains to the west behind them, Puccini gestures down towards the viewer over a cliff edge for the gobos - disguised with illusions as gnomes - to see. To the wizard's left, Pōk can just be seen peeking over the edge from far back and just behind Fip - who looks taken aback by what is seen - is Wak and Hob. To Puccini's right is a beard-stroking Nak - hand on hilt - and Nik, who looks outward with a scowl, knives in hand.
Pucini: "As I imagined - and hoped against - our quarry has maneuvered daringly. And we too must follow. Before you is quite the sordid den of dregs and chicanery..."